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Do you have a birthday party or other special event that needs to be exciting, but the planning seems overwhelming? Running out of time to put it all together? Need that something special to make the neighbors jealous?

Get ahold of us! Redline Laser Tag will come to your site, set up our arena, and provide hours of high-quality entertainment.

You can sit back, relax, and watch your guests have the time of their lives.

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We do it all. This isn’t some off the shelf laser tag blaster from a big box store. Our system uses top of the line professional taggers and our own portable network that uses both WIFI and Bluetooth to keep everything connected.

We feature real time scoring and the ability to check a player’s stats after each game.

We dare you to have us run a game at night. In the dark is where Redline Laser tag really shines. We bring the smoke, the lights, the lasers, and the music to create a fast paced and immersive play environment.

Our newest updates include games with a new “Medic” role that allows one player on each team to take on the responsibility of respawning their team mates back into the game. We also have the hardware to
create missions to protect the VIP or rescue the prisoner.


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